Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 2 - The Sunshine Experiment

Well today has been a 50/50 kind of a day

The Sunflowers . . . . .  well they haven't grown yet but they did get a nice warm spot by the window to help them along . . . have heard that talking to plants helps them grow  . . . not sure if I have reached that level of green fingered madness yet :p

The Work  . . . many efforts have been made to remain on the sunny side, I even kept my blinds open to keep the sunlight streaming in . . . overall not yet working however venting my concerns to my boss got rid of a rather cloudy section  :)

Family and Friends . . . well Batman is still MIA as visiting Batmama so I know a good hug from him would assist in a lot of sunshiny smiles! . . . as for the rest well you can only do what you can do and just because you want to change doesn't mean they do will or want to! . . . Wonder Woman, Cave Girl, The Hulk and the Hounds are all well though . . . I can always rely on them they are a dream team of a family :)

I think there is a Dragon Slayer at my work!!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Sunshine Experiment

Having spent a long time reflecting about work what I do and what I want to do I decided to start the Sunshine Experiment. to make may self happier an/d to make me feel like myself again!

Fed up beyond belief at being snapped at by people more "senior" to me its time to feed some positivity and sun back into all of my life. Taking a positive action each day to beat my negativity into submission :)


Today I plated 20 sunflower seeds. I am not green fingered in any way so the hope is that they will grow and bring me some home grown sunnyness :)

Positive step for the day has been to be a bit more confident and apply for the promotion I just spotted on the internal vacancy list!  Will I get it? Am I a likely candidate? I don't know . . .  I am using the apply and see method :)

Also Zumba . . . . You cannot feel blue after an hour of Zumba love and madness  . . . For those that haven't tried it I would recommend wiggling about to Sexy and I know it by LMFAO  .. . .  or going to a class . .  either way you will smile at yourself for the funny and silly wiggling :)

to be continued . . . .

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What do we want from our employers? Are we really getting that bad a deal?

Whats it like where you work? Do you enjoy it? Would you rather be doing something else or nothing else? 
I have no idea what I will do for the rest of my life, career or other wise, for now its insurance which, to be brutally honest, doesn't deserve the bad wrap it gets! However being a complaint handler, can be, but isn't always as bad as it sounds! However it seems wherever I have worked and whenever the discussion of work is raised it is so full of the negative that its hard to believe anyone bothers to go back! 

I believe that the world we live in allows us to make a constant comparison to every and any where! But think about it - is where you work that bad really???

In times like these with recessions being double dipped and sounding more and more like a Sherbert Dib Dab metaphor everyone would like to be paid more, and lets face it we have all said how much we would like a pay rise and how its about time we got one! 

When you look at it from your bosses seat have you really earned a pay rise? Looking at what you do each day from a realistic perspective are you working hard or hardly working? With that in mind would you increase your salary? Does what you do really deserve a larger portion of the your departmental wage budget?

In my case, being honest yes I think I would be worth a pay rise, but in my goody two shoes defense I earned my cost of living pay increase by putting in the time, meeting targets and showing I was willing to meet or  exceed what was expected of me. I know my boss can come to me with a task and get a realistic answer - "yes I can do that by this date" - "no I don't have time but can make time later in the week" - "I don't mind doing that boring laborious task" - Overtime available?" I can spare an hour to help the team out". To that end the jobs that need to be done get done, which stops people stressing and improves the atmosphere so am I really a goody two shoes or a team player? 
In review of what I do I am being paid to sit and respond, via email phone and post to the complaints of policy holders, I am being paid to have an advanced knowledge of our companies policy terms and procedures and balance it all up with the guidelines of the FSA and legal system whilst making sure its all tied up with a ribbon representing the fair treatment that must be given to all customers. When I look online at other jobs, their descriptions and what they do am I paid fairly? Yes I am! Is it reflective of me efforts and job role within the company? Yes, actually I think it is!

Sometimes I find myself thinking "I graduated form a top 10 law school and now I sit in an office and don't use the education I paid £3000+ a year for!". This dear reader is a lie! No matter who you are, what you studied or where you will have learnt skills you use everyday! I learnt to live by myself, time management and  how to present a balanced argument that took into account both sides. Although only a few of many examples, and not the grandest at that, they are imperative for my daily life and my job! 

People I know that got the job they trained for aren't happy either, sometimes its pay, sometimes its the unfair deal they get and other times its the benefits that they get aren't enough. Back in reality, are we not lucky to be getting a fair wage? Whether or not you get health care/pensions/paid holiday benefits are we not simply grateful that our employer is willing to pay above our wage and contribute to our future well being? Obviously not when we are striking over it and bitching at home that our work don't provide us with enough!

The fact is that I don't believe the grass is greener. I don't believe that everyone else is getting a better deal and I don't think we should be going home each night to winge about it, doesn't it simply make us ungrateful and unappreciative of what we get? Could we all not be taking a more pro-active approach to our work situation? Want a pay rise/ promotion? Work for it! Earn it! You are worth it and capable of it!

P.S Quit the wingeing and keep it far away from work mates and colleagues! It will help you focus on the positive and help confirm that you are worth that bit more :)